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Few things can take the place of a thoughtful, committed client. We look for the same high qualities in our clients that they look for in us. That is an essential reason for our success. Our clients include individuals from all walks of life. They also include businesses and governmental agencies, both large and small, in various sectors of the economy.

Carl Muller, Attorney at Law, P.A. is located on Pendleton Street, near Greenville High School, in downtown Greenville, SC.



Corporate General Counsel
Constitutional Law, including First Amendment
Media and Communications
Venture Capital and Finance
Mergers, Acquisitions, Split-Ups, and Divestitures
Health Care
Professional Malpractice
Personal Injury

Donna Holtz


Acquisition and assembly of various manufacturing facilities into a $500 million+ company

Design and implementation of financial and corporate structure for leveraged buy-out of $300 million+ company

Pre-packaged bankruptcy reorganization of multi-state real estate limited partnership

Counsel to manufacturers and other businesses, a hospital, physicians, attorneys, architects, government agencies, and universities in corporate affairs and litigation

Successfully litigated Medicare fraud lawsuit for whistleblowers resulting in then largest South Carolina health care settlement in favor of United States Government

Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against major university foundation resulting in reform and national journalism recognition and awards for clients

Dismissal of numerous defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuits against major newspaper, television, and magazine clients

Blocked divestiture of large state-owned hospitals and medical facilities to out-of-state Fortune 500 company

Counsel to homeowners group involved in complex real estate bankruptcy and reorganization in Blue Ridge region of South Carolina and North Carolina

Won jury verdict of $2.2 million for clients in medical malpractice case, one of the largest such verdicts in the jurisdiction at the time

Successful defense of death penalty case as court-appointed counsel

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